You don’t mess with Texans, and particularly 10 year old girls hailing from the Lone Star State armed with crossbows and pistols.

While on a recent guided hunting trip with her father, Tony Hawk (not that Tony Hawk), Ella bagged a gator, and not a pint-sized one. She took out an 800-pound, 13-foot long, man-killing reptile along the shore of the Guadalupe River in Victoria County. The gator’s tail is longer than Ella is tall.

The trip guide, Ryan Longer, owner of Longer Outdoors, had the opportunity to witness Ella’s prowess. He describes it this way;

“She Robin Hooded it. I’ve gone several years without even getting a 12-foot. I don’t know how it happened or why it happened, and this is probably my pinnacle for the year. I have more confidence in her than probably more than 90 percent of the grown men I take on hunts.”

The Robin Hood description is apt.

She sank one arrow between the animal’s eyes, and then nailed the first arrow with a follow up. She then shot it with a pistol dead-on the same mark. This is not a first-time success for this little gal.

Last year, she earned the title Huntress of the Year (Trophy Game Records of the World, 2014). Needless to say, this kid is good.

Animal rights freaks are already at it, despite no part of this animal going to waste. They should keep that in mind next time they grab their alligator skin bag and pull on their alligator skin boots.

Source: Mad World News


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