The IRS wants money. No surprise there, but it's surprising that they would go as far as to create ways for illegal immigrants to file yearly income taxes, you know instead of sending someone to ARREST AND DEPORT THEM for being here illegally.

The IRS created what's known as an ITIN, the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, so that workers without a Social Security number could still fork over their share to Uncle Sam.

But many illegal workers have figured a loophole that goes unchecked to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars a year in lost tax revenues.

These illegals are using the Child Tax Credit to claim children LIVING IN MEXICO or other countries South of the border. It's not just biological children, it's nieces and nephews, cousins and grand-children.

Groups of 10,15,20 being claimed at a time, unreal!

Watch the video for more details on the scam and sound off in the comment section below.



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