If you are still hearing arguments from Bernie Sanders supporters about why Socialism should be instituted in America, look no further than the South American country of Venezuela to see why Socialism is a terrible idea. Venezuelans are starving and they recently took it out on their newly elected president.

Nicolas Maduro was elected in 2013 to replace Hugo Chavez as president of the country. Unfortunately, following the massive slide in oil prices, Venezuela's economy has tanked, driving hunger and food shortages to insane levels. In an act of desperation and hunger, citizens recently stormed a local zoo and slaughtered and cooked a horse because they hadn't had any access to meat.

So when President Maduro took to the streets for a planned political speech, the people came out en masse.

Banging pots and pans together, they stormed the president's speech and demanded change and food. Maduro, for his part, attempted to make his way into the crowd to appease them but it only made the people more enraged.

Eventually Maduro was forced to turn tail and run away from the crowd of protesters through his own streets. The angry citizens appear to have had enough of political rhetoric and speeches. At a certain point people want food.

Maduro's popularity has been dropping fast, all because he hasn't proved that he can get his country in order enough for everyday citizens to have enough food to eat. The group who chased Maduro through the streets weren't chanting any political slogans, they were chanting the words "We are hungry! We are hungry!"

America should take a hard look at what's happened in Venezuela and liberals should reconsider adopting the Socialist practices that are becoming so popular in the liberal parties. It's not working for Venezuela. They're starving. Why would we ever think about following their example?

h/t: Daily Mail

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