Democrat Hillary Clinton says she cares about African-Americans and she says she has been a champion of women since she graduated from law school in 1973.

If those statements are true, she has a strange way of showing all that care, concern and staunch defense, and people are beginning to notice and speak out.

The presidential nominee delivers a carefully crafted script where she recites all the good she has done for women and the horrors that will befall them if a Republican is elected and, because she is the first female candidate from a major party and because her last name is Clinton, those claims have been accepted.

She regards African-Americans so highly that she imitates them when she gives speeches in the South.

No more.

Clinton and her surrogates attack the temperament of opponent, Donald Trump, but he showed remarkable restraint in not raising Mrs. Clinton’s treatment of women who came in for unwanted sexual attention from her husband – including forcible rape – until she engineered the release of an eleven-year-old tape of him engaging in raunchy comments with a gossip show host.

With less than two hours to go before the second presidential debate, Trump responded in an impromptu press conference with four Clinton victims at his side.

They later attended the debate, sitting together as a united group.

A still photo from Sunday night’s debate showed a wild-eyed Bill Clinton enduring a nightmare he had never envisioned – sitting next to his daughter in the same room for the first time with the women he had abused,  and the woman who demeaned, abased and degraded his victims when he was finished with them, his wife – Hillary Clinton.

Cathy Shelton was a victim of Hillary alone. As a 12-year-old rape victim, Cathy was subjected not only to the horror of having to testify against her 41-year-old self-confessed rapist, but portrayed by his defense counsel, Hillary, as a disturbed girl who “came on” to older men. In short – that the child victim was at fault.

Years later, Cathy was again victimized by hearing a tape of Hillary laughingly tell the “amusing” story about how she got the rapist off.

But when an African-American man dared exercise his free speech right to express his opinion about the Clinton’s treatment of women as he sat behind the candidate at a an appearance on Monday, he was attacked by her security guards, and according to one witness “threw him down the stairs.”

Other observers also claimed the man had been pushed by the guards.

His crime?

He was wearing a T-shirt bearing a photo of Bill Clinton with the word “RAPE” emblazoned on the front.

Mrs. Clinton, forgetting her care and concern for African-Americans watched approvingly as the incident unfold and then said she hoped her fans would “follow” him.

“You know, I do hope somebody follows that gentleman out and stages an intervention.”

And they talk about Donald Trump inciting violence at his rallies!

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