The folks at the VFW in Strongsville, Ohio are not going to put up with multi-millionaire football players openly disrespecting the national anthem a minute longer. The Cleveland Browns said in a statement that they respect the "freedom of personal expression" of their players. These VFW Members are also exercising their freedom of expression and choosing to denounce the Browns as long as they have players who are anti-patriotic.

VFW Commander Tim Zvoncheck took to his Facebook page to announce that the Strongsville VFW will no longer air games on Sundays.

Zvoncheck’s message reads:

“So tonight, I asked the membership of my post, VFW 3345, what they thought of the Cleveland Browns players kneeling during the National Anthem and the coaching staff backing their decision. Just as I suspected, the “boos” nearly tore the roof off. Effective immediately, VFW Post 3345 will no longer televise any Cleveland Browns games! We will never support any person or organization who disgraces the flag or the anthem that we fought for and so many or our brothers and sisters have died for! Until a formal apology by this organization is publicized and the utter disregard to America ceases, we, as veterans of this great country will not stand for this! We love our Browns, but we love our flag more…God bless America and damn those who think differently! #RespectOurFlag”

Zvoncheck hasn't stopped there in opposing the disgraceful movement of sitting during the Anthem started by NFL QB Colin Kapernick.

After a Browns recent pre season, Browns game several players protested the National Anthem before the game. The VFW put up an awesome sign letting the community know exactly where they stand.

The sign reads "We Like our Browns. We love our flag more. Your game will no longer be shown here. God Bless America."

Well done!

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