On July, 17, 2011 Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, directed adviser, Jake Sullivan, to remove an identifying header from an email and send it unencrypted.

Why on earth would a Secretary of State, whose job is to ensure the safety of Americans, to include intelligence officers, ambassadors, and employees of the department, do such a thing?

Why indeed? Of course, what difference does it make now, right? Benghazi happened and that is just water under the bridge, right?

The Veterans for a Strong America think not. The Director of the organization, Joel Arends, is asking Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to pursue Clinton in violation of 18 USC 793 (which will never happen, we all know that).

Arends contends that Hillary Clinton willfully took action to “cause to be communication, delivered or transmitted [classified information] to any person no entitled to receive” such information.

Whoa! That is an enormous charge to be levied against a former Secretary of State.  Arends followed up with supporting statements that Clinton’s gross negligence and failure to ensure classified information remains classified, is illegal under that same code.

She failed to keep the information safe and failed to, “make report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction.” That last one is somewhat ironic, because if, as Arends alleges, Clinton would be the person who did each of these things when telling someone to de-classify classified information.

Naturally, the Clinton campaign denies the charges.  “It is false that Hillary Clinton asked for classified material to be sent over a non-secure system,” said Brian Fallon, campaign spokesman.

If the email exists, then it would seem to be true, Brian. Veterans do not take kindly to someone putting the nation at risk. Look how they have responded to Obama, via letter, social media, and in town hall venues.

Needless to say, when an organization coalesces behind an issue such as this, it’s likely to continue to make news. If it weren’t for Arends and the Veterans for a Strong America, we would never know this had happened.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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