Who doesn’t love the song God Bless America?

We all learned it in elementary school, probably performed skits in school or church, dressed up and squeaked out our lines.

As we grew, the song took on more meaning.

Today, with the state of the world, the fact that we are blessed to have been born Americans, and will die Americans, the song takes on even more significance.

We are reminded of a World War II Honor Flight, back in October of 2013, whereby America’s Greatest Generation, spontaneously led the entire plane, full of their traveling companions and others, in a resounding rendition of God Bless America.

It is moments like these that we are reminded of the sacrifices these heroes made to fight a World War, in different theaters against different enemies (South Pacific and Europe), to ensure the ongoing freedom we have to day.

It is our duty to hold the line and keep their fight alive. Freedom isn’t free, and may God continue to bless America in the days ahead.

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