After every president leaves office they get the chance to put the capstone on their legacy. Presidents choose the location for presidential libraries and it's a huge undertaking that can have a huge effect on the way that their presidential legacies are viewed.

Currently, President Obama is already looking forward to his time out of office and he's making plans for his presidential library which will reside in his hometown of Chicago.

But, despite the story that the Obama press corp would have you believe, all is not roses and ribbons when it comes to the Barack Obama Presidential Center.

You see, one of the locations that Obama is considering for the center is Washington Park. The center would occupy part of the space, but the real kicker is the plans for shops and stores that will surround the landmark. Unfortunately, right across from Washington Park is an iconic building that has helped thousands of veterans--the RTW Veterans Center.

The Veterans Center is the last privately-owned building on a stretch of road that the Obamas are definitely considering for their legacy memorial. What makes it worse is the fact that a city inspector arrived out of the blue a year ago and performed a white-glove inspection of the facility.

They found 32 total building violations and the building is currently being assessed fines of $16,000 per day as those violations aren't fixed.

Jah Ranu Menab, the director of the facility, believes that the city is pressuring the veterans center so that it will have no choice but to close its doors.

"We don’t appreciate being muscled out and put in the situation of having to negotiate from a position of despair," he said.

Though both the Obama group and the University of Chicago, which is helping the planning of the project, deny any plot to strongarm the center, the fact remains that if they can kick the veterans center out of the area, they'll be able to snap up the property for a huge bargain.

h/t: Fox News

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