It seems that a day doesn't go by that a gun didn't save someone from becoming another potential victim, this time it was a veteran with a concealed carry permit who was forced to protect his life and perhaps save his friends.

However before getting into the details of this particular incident, it worth noting from the outset that there are countless incidents like this almost everyday that the mainstream media willfully ignores, in their attempt to push a false narrative, that guns rather than criminals are responsible

This latest incident took place on the south side of Chicago as a group of friends were leaving a party heading to their parked vehicles when one of the woman in the group noticed a container on the roof of her car, the woman asked several people standing near the vehicle to remove it.

That response apparently outraged 22-year-old Denzel Mickiel, who approached the veteran and his friends, cursing them out.

Mickiel then headed into his residence returning with a gun, and began shooting.

Luckily the vet took cover near the front of his vehicle. That’s when he was able to obtain his own concealed weapon and squeeze off two rounds off, hitting Mickiel.

Which prompted this gang of thugs to open fire at the veteran and his friends, who were able to escape and flee the scene; however a woman in his group had been hit twice, but was quickly stabilized and taken to the hospital.

Mickiel was also taken to the hospital, and later charged with attempted murder.

Do you support conceal and carry and the 2nd amendment?

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Source: Chicago Tribune


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