During a bloody weekend in Chicago that saw seven people murdered and another 50 injured in and around 50 were injured in shootings that took place in the city, one man with a gun made the difference in what could have been a mass shooting.

A party on the troubled south side of the city, which has the highest murder-per-capita rate in the world at 116 per 100,000 topping that of Honduras (90 homicides per 100,000) according to a United Nations report, led to the confrontation.

When a military veteran and his friends left the party, they found a container of liquid on the roof of their car and asked a woman standing nearby to remove it if it belonged to her, which threw Denzel Mickiel, a man in her group, into a fury.

Mickiel, 22, first verbally attacked the veteran and his friends, then went into his home, returned to the scene with a gun and opened fire. Two of Mickiel’s friends also began shooting as the veteran retrieved his concealed weapon from the car and fired two shots at Mickiel, who was hit and taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center where he remained in critical condition.

The unnamed veteran had a concealed carry permit issued by the state of Illinois, the last U.S. state to grant citizens the right to carry concealed weapons.

Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Hain told Cook County Bond Court that Mickiel threatened the veteran and his friends before going to his home to get the gun used to fire into the group causing injuries to a 22-year-old woman. Mickiel has been charged with attempted murder and bail was set at $950,000, if and when he is released from the hospital.


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