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Imagine if at all possible a lonely and mentally distressed veteran sitting alone in a darkened room, with perhaps an opened bottle of pills, attempting to combat those demons invading his life and knowing that at any moment he may lose the battle. Within those last desperate seconds before he takes his life he reaches out to the suicide hotline, only to realize there’s no one there.

That’s exactly what took place in July 2015 when an Illinois veteran called the Department of Veterans Affairs’ suicide hotline, and no one picked the phone, so this mentally disturbed and fractured human being, walked to nearby train tracks laid down on those tracks and waited to die.

The body of 30-year old Thomas Young was found July 23, 2015 after being struck by a Metra train outside of Chicago. The next day the veteran’s phone rang, it was VA’s emergency line returning his call.

Young had returned from his second tour of Iraq in 2004 with severe PTSD. He tried to go to the Hines VA hospital in Illinois for help with a drinking problem, but they turned him away, saying they didn’t have any space available since he wasn’t suicidal.

Now contrast that with the 24/7 hotline that The Department of Homeland Security has set up for illegal immigrants to call and complain if they feel their rights under President Obama's amnesty program are being violated.

The president's amnesty policy prevents the deportation of up to 4 million illegal immigrants and orders Border Patrol agents and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents not to arrest other people who are in the country illegally who don’t meet the criteria for full amnesty.

What is apparent is that our American veterans are treated worst than second class citizens, in fact illegal aliens are now more valued than those brave men and woman who have served, and all one needs to do is to simply look at the undisputed facts, this tragic incident is being repeated all across America.

Funds that were allocated to help our veterans in need are being reallocated to Syrian refugees while Americans vets commit suicide or wait on waiting lists for months, only to die for lack of treatment, because those in power simply don’t care.

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