Ben Shapiro once said that in America, the worst thing you can be called is a "racist." The left has turned that label into a weapon, hurling the accusation towards anyone they disagree with or are losing an argument against.

The racism accusation reared its ugly head once again when a bar owner and veteran was labeled a racist for merely exercising his First Amendment rights. Jason Burle, who owns a bar in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, and is also an Air Force veteran, taped a Colin Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch jersey to the floor entrance of the bar, so customers step over it as they walk in.

The gesture didn't sit well with one patron by the name of Taylor Sloan, who engaged in a heated exchange with Burle. It becomes evident that the former is a lefty when he immediately begins calling Burle a racist since Kaepernick and Lynch both happen to be black. Sloan went further and suggests Burle was calling for violence against black NFL players taking a knee.

Burle said using the jerseys as a doormat had no racial overtones and was completely about respecting the flag that veterans like himself fought to defend. He sums it up the best with these words:

In light of the confrontation with Sloan, Burle did, however, reverse the order of the jerseys. The Lynch jersey was previously on the left of the Kaepernick jersey. To some, this gave the reading of "Lynch Kaepernick." To avoid the interpretation, Burle moved Kaepernick's jersey to the left of Lynch's.

This just goes to show how desperate the left is getting. They can't win arguments because their ideologies are not rooted in facts. This is why they immediately use the racist argument. It's the progressive's default defense when they find themselves cornered in a debate.

Is this incident just the latest in a series of liberals demonstrating their inability to have an intelligent conversation?

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