With snowstorms blanketing the East Coast I’m sure many of us would love to take a vacation in the middle of February to visit California.

Unfortunately, it seems that President Obama is one of those few individuals who is able to simply take the time to spend three days relaxing and playing golf in Palm Springs, California.

If Obama’s disregard of the country’s need for a strong leader during a time of growing international crisis regarding ISIS isn’t enough to make you wary of his actions, maybe the lavish, Japanese vacation his wife and daughters have planned next month is.

Michelle will be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto with her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, in what she’s termed “a rare opportunity to travel outside the United States with her daughters.”

While the Obamas’ daughters really should be exempt from criticism, you have to wonder the example that Michelle and Barack are setting for their children—taking time off during a busy season is a no-no in any work setting.

And it’s not as if Obama hasn’t had ample time to relax and enjoy his beloved golfing. He’s played approximately 200 rounds of golf during his tenure in the White House—that’s the equivalent of playing golf forty hours a week . . . for ten straight weeks.

I’d say vacation time is over. It’s time to get to work, Mr. President.


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