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Transgender veteran, Carla Lewis shown in the inset above.

So let’s see if we have this right: the VA, which is currently facing numerous investigations by several different congressional bodies on a host of different scandals from reported cases of negligence in which countless armed forces veterans died while waiting for treatment, and with allegation of bribes being paid out to employees and doctored lists of phantom patents being treated, now faces another fiasco brought to you by this incompetent administration and perhaps another VA moment of political correctness in the longstanding ban on gender reassignment surgery.

In short, patients in need of immediate traditional life-saving care may need to compete for healthcare services within a politically motivated environment and an already established environment of incompetence and malfeasance.

The issue of “transgender” has become a political hot button, and this new decree to suddenly end the ban on the Department of Veterans Affairs' longstanding stand on gender reassignment surgery may in fact be motivated simply for political expediency and not for established medical reasoning.

"Increased understanding of gender dysphoria and surgical techniques in this area have improved significantly, and surgical procedures are now widely accepted in the medical community as medically necessary treatment for gender dysphoria,” the VA wrote on the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) website.

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Source: Fox, CNN

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