Never underestimate the power of faith, and that’s perhaps a lesson for us all, and in particular at this pivotal time within our nations history as we face a daily onslaught of political correctness and a corrosive culture of secular progressivism that threatens the very foundation upon which America was founded.

And it’s within that context that a young Olympian faced insurmountable odds of “biblical proportions” and somehow through faith overcame overwhelming odds, to win the gold.

Young Helen Maroulis came to Rio with the knowledge that no American woman had ever won a gold medal in wrestling, and certainly not within her weight-class, and so she decided to wrestle in a different weight class, which required she would either need to gain or lose weight in order to qualify.

Maroulis decided to wrestle in the lower weight class of 116.6 lbs; however she would ultimately face off against a 3-time gold medalist from Japan named Saori Yoshida.

Maroulis recalls the moment she faced Yoshida;

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“In the semifinals, I remember thinking, it is an honor to wrestle Yoshida. For someone to win three gold medals and come back and to risk that and accept that challenge, that is another four years of work and dedication and giving your life to the sport.

Yoshida is an incredible, incredible athlete. The more I studied her, the more it was like, she is not my enemy, no one here is really my enemy.

God taught me that these are women who want the same thing that you do and are sacrificing the same things that you are.

It is not about hating that person that you are going against, but it is about respecting them so much that you give it your all.”

However Yoshida had something to also prove, she was trying to become the second woman to ever win four Olympic gold medals in a single event.

They say faith can move mountains, and on Thursday Maroulis overcame the impossible and defeated the 13-time World Champion, and 3-time gold medalist, and became America’s first woman wrestler to win gold!

Maroulis thanked her fans and god quickly after winning:
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She gave credit for her success to her faith:

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