Do you remember when the left wing media had a field day making fun of Donald Trump when he said he would deal with ISIS by bombing the oil fields in the Middle East and striking at their transportation corridors and vehicles?

We sure do and we have to wonder what it feels like to have egg on one’s face, because that is what the main stream media is fashionably sporting these days.

No sooner does Trump declare his intentions in regard to how you begin to reign in ISIS, than Paris is attacked, and surprise, surprise the US decides to go and blow-up oil fields and transportation arteries controlled by ISIS.

Trump doesn’t look so stupid now does he?

For all the media’s marginalizing him for his lack of PC foreign policy and uncouth approach to dealing with terrorists, it’s funny how what Trump suggested be done is exactly what is being done.

It is amazing what a few well-armed A-10 and AC-130 aircraft can do when their pilots are turned loose to be allowed to do the job they have been wanting to do since Obama took office.

Trump speaks for many Americans, French and Russians, right now when he says he would “…bomb the S*** out of ‘em.”

Whether he is elected POTUS or not, we need someone willing to walk and talk like this to let the world know you do not mess with us, or our allies, or you will feel the heat, courtesy of military aircraft overhead.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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