It would appear if this report is accurate, that pudgy little despot North Korean dictator Kim Jong has every right to be paranoid, and perhaps the only thing saving him and his rogue regime from immediately being turned into a “parking lot” is his ability to bluster, rant and rave and hold America and the rest of the world at bay, with his erratic behavior and talk about nuclear annihilation...perhaps he's as crazy as a fox!

Indeed if true, that the fabled “SEAL Team-6” is reportedly next door in South Korea assisting an elite “assassination squad” then being paranoid sounds like an extremely reasonable mindset for the pint-sized tyrant.

The legendary U.S. Navy team is famous for taking out another despot, the Terrorist mastermind of 9/11, Osama bin Laden in 2011.

According to reliable reports South Korean Defense Minister, Song Young-moo, said the assassination team should be ready and in place by December, tasked with the assignment of “neutralizing ‘command and control’ systems in the North.”

The report also makes clear the strategy is a “‘three-axis system’ that includes Seoul’s homegrown anti-missile systems, the Korean Air and Missile Defense [KAMD] and Kill Chain, a pre-emptive strike system.”

The report follows Kim Jong Un 6th and most powerful nuclear test thus far on Sunday, which was referenced as “perfect” by North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Institute, and which registered a 6.3-magnitude earthquake. The explosion was 10-times greater than anything North Korea ever fired previously, and no doubt playing "cat and mouse" by publicly announcing a "hit team" is a dangerous game to play with the unstable rogue regime.

Perhaps, however, the public announcement of assassinations squads in South Korea may just be a ruse singling to those individuals within the regime that the time has come to take out the half-pint dictator themselves.

President Trump has already made it clear with perhaps the bluntest response from any president regarding North Korea’s proactive actions stating that if North Korea doesn’t behave itself it will be met with “fire and fury.”

Hours after the test, the White House warned North Korea again of "total annihilation."

Do you think the Team-6 announcement is a ruse to throw the pint-sized dictator off from the real mission, whatever that might be?

Source: American Military News

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