North Korea has been doing all it can do flex its military might in recent weeks. But, thankfully, someone at the Pentagon has finally decided that enough is enough. America is finally showing some of its own strength.

That strength is represented by the B-2 Stealth Bomber, one of the most iconic and impressive planes ever designed and flown by mankind. The B-2, for those who are unfamiliar, is the plane that resembles a large, black boomerang. It has a range of nearly 7,000 miles, can fly at a speed of upwards of 600 miles per hour, and is nearly invisible to radar thanks to its unique shape and special shielding on the body of the aircraft.

The B-2 is also capable of launching nuclear weapons. Boom.

The United States Strategic Command is deploying a group of three of the deadly bombers to run training exercises out of an Australian military base. Though the bombers are usually housed in Missouri and run their training exercises there, the Asia-Pacific training runs are specifically designed by the U.S. military to be a show of force against North Korea.

North Korea has been especially hostile in its threats against the United States and other civilized countries. Earlier in March the United States and South Korea began running some war game simulations which apparently angered the communist regime.

But threats against the United States are a bad idea for anyone, especially a country as backwards and hamstrung as North Korea. The B-2 bombers are only the visible tip of the spear that is pointing at Pyong Yang. Earlier this year the United Nations, led by the United States, implemented some of the strictest trade embargoes and penalties against North Korea that have ever been put in place.

North Korea can whine and threaten all they want. With B-2 bombers in the area they know that if they so much as breathe about launching nuclear weapons against the U.S. or its allies, they're going to be hit. Hard.

h/t: MSN News

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