One of the big arguments in favor of immigration is immigration (legal or illegal) creates jobs, thus helping not only the immigrant population, but also the native population. However, a recent report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) disproves that theory.

Using data from a December 2014 government report CIS was able to show that since 2000, 18 million immigrants have come to live in the United States, and during that time only 9.8 million jobs were created.

Steve Camarota, co-author of the report and CIS director of research helped to dispel the myth of immigration breeds job creation by releasing a statement saying, "If immigration is the great job creator for natives that advocates argue, the record number of new arrivals in the last 14 years should have created a jobs bonanza for natives. Instead, job growth did not come close to matching new immigration and natural population increase; and the labor force participation of natives shows a long-term decline, even before the Great Recession." He also warns of future changes during a recent WMAL Washington radio interview.

With amnesty on the brink of bringing in millions of new residents, and the possibility of it making the U.S. a beacon for immigrants, this report helps to show that jobs may become even harder to get in the future. The report shows that the repercussions of lower job creation with increased population results in fewer people participating in the workforce.

One eye-opening bit of information from the report said that the number of natives aged 16-65 not in the labor force (including looking for work) increased by 13 million from December 2000 to December 2014.

With fewer jobs available and an increase of population, perhaps the president should reconsider the burden that amnesty would place on the population. Where are the "shovel ready" jobs Obama was mentioning? Did they disappear?



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