While the nation still mourns the loss of 14 innocent lives in the massacre at a San Bernardino social services center, and struggles to conceive a coherent and effective policy toward radical Islam within and outside the United States, a Texas-born imam was making news with vicious words about Christians and Jews.

Yasir Qadhi, named “one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam” by the New York Times Magazine, unleashed a torrent of vulgar verbal abuse on Christians and Jews in a video that is instructive of Muslims really feel about non-believers.

“Christians are by necessity and by definition, the most evil and evils. They are najasa (feces) – a filthy, impure and dirty substance,” said the instructor in Religious Studies Department of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

Qadhi was born in Houston, Texas to Pakistani parents, but spent most of his life being educated in Saudi Arabia earning advanced degrees in Arabic and theology. He also holds a PhD in theology from Yale University.

He begins by calling Christians “shirk” for being “polytheists” who believe in the Triune God (three persons in one God), instead of Islam’s “monotheist” god Allah.

The imam goes on to say that “the obligation of every single human being is that he bears witness and testifies that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah.”

He said that the same principle is what underlies the command to do jihad, which he defines as “a means to establish monotheism on the land.”

The prophet had said, ‘I have been commanded to fight the people until they convert to Islam. But if they don’t, their life and property are halal [free for the taking] for the Muslims.’

Qadhi repeatedly states that the “life and property” of a mushrik becomes halal” or free for the taking and use for Muslims.

“So the Christians are filthy! They are filthy! A spiritual filthiness. A very evil thing. They are a najasa (feces, urine, filthy or contaminated, filthy, impure, dirty substance.”

After saying that non-belief is an “unpardonable crime,” the rabid imam then offered the thought that according to the prophet, “When they worship Allah, their life and property become protected.”

Qadhi was featured on the program, Finding Your Roots, hosted by Henry Louis Gates, the Harvard professor who made news in 2009 when he was apprehended by Cambridge police as he attempted to gain entry into his home after misplacing his keys.

President Obama, a personal friend of Gates, said the police “acted stupidly,” which created a controversy in the early months of his first term and resulted in Obama inviting the arresting officer and Gates to sit down at the White House and talk about the incident over a few beers.


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