Islamophobia is alive and well, says the hyper-active media over a recent outburst by a Muslim woman flying on United Airlines who claimed that the airline discriminated against her because she is a Muslim.

Tahera Ahmad was flying from Chicago O'Hare International Airport to Washington, D.C. on a United Airlines flight, when she claims that a flight attendant refused to give her a full, unopened can of Coke Zero because Ahmad might "use it as a weapon."

Ahmad used the instance to stir up angst and fear in the liberal media by claiming that the attendant was discriminating against her because of her religion. She also said that other passengers were rude and hostile towards here and sided with the flight attendant.

A new side to the story has emerged, however, from a passenger who claims to have been close enough to hear the entire conversation between Ahmad and the flight attendant. While it is almost impossible to corroborate the story, much of it is plausible and rings true.

A male passenger who was seated close to Ahmad claims that he heard her order a Coke Zero and a hot green tea. According to the new source, when the attendant delivered Ahmad a full can of regular coke and informed her that her tea would be a minute coming, Ahmad rudely shoved the Coke back at the attendant and informed her that she had ordered a Coke Zero.

When the attendant replied that there were only a few cans of Coke Zero and that she wouldn't be allowed a full can, Ahmad opened up and claimed that the attendant was refusing to give her a full can because she "might use it as a weapon."

According to this other passenger, the attendant was civil and tried to calm down and placate Ahmad, who was yelling loudly and claiming discrimination.

While Ahmad's story differs greatly from this new description by a passenger, it isn't hard to imagine someone pulling a stunt like this for the publicity and fame that comes from claiming United Airlines is an Islamophobic organization.

h/t: Live Leak

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