Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is still facing criticism for her use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State. After being interviewed by the FBI for several hours regarding her use of the private server, Clinton is still facing no formal charges or investigation.

The FBI's notes from that hours-long session have been released to select members of Congress, even though the notes themselves are heavily redacted. Members of the House Government Oversight Committee received the notes from the FBI and immediately began searching them for anything that the FBI might have missed.

Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, said that the fact that the notes from the FBI were so heavily redacted reflects badly on Clinton and her storing the information on a private, unsecured email server.

"This shows how dangerous it was to have this intelligence, highly classified to this day, on the former secretary’s unsecured personal server where it was vulnerable."

The Clinton campaign, of course, is crying foul and wants the notes to be removed from the hands of members of Congress. Those Congressional hands, however, have already seen what the FBI thought was necessary to spend hours of its precious time interviewing Clinton.

The FBI only chose to release the information to Congress after FBI Director James Comey decided that Clinton's server hadn't delivered enough ammunition to mount a court case against her.

Thankfully, Congress isn't simply taking the FBI at its word. Whether or not looking over the FBI's notes will give Congress any reason to prosecute Clinton, the oversight of the FBI that is being demonstrated here by Congress can only be applauded.

Clinton and any other corrupt government officials currently serving or planning their campaigns will now be running at least a little scared. It's important that these officials know they aren't invincible.

h/t: Fox News

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