Let's face it, 'kids' today don't really have a solid grasp of history. In fact, most don't have a solid grasp of anything that doesn't come in video game form. To help combat this, the 'great' Common Core society of North Carolina decided to teach their 4th graders a history lesson. That lesson? The Black Panther group is a down-to-Earth, peaceful organization that helped all of society while barbecuing in a summer camp.

For those who know nothing about the racist Black Panther gang, let me fill you in on a fundamental core belief as expressed by one of their leaders, Bobby Seale, 'If you have a slave job, and you aren't buying a gun a week, then you're lagging!' That was Seale's approach to how the party can arm itself. Think on that for a moment. An extremist hate group commanding each of its members to buy a gun a week. The purpose of those guns? To kill cops. That was Seale's own method. Buy guns to kill cops.

How does a violent hate group get taught in a 4th grade class? The Common Core Crooks of North Carolina assigned an old propaganda 'book' for its 'Civil Rights' reading. Apparently, Martin Luther King's speech was out of print. The book, 'One Crazy Summer', shows the Black Panthers taking in a group of young girls after their mother abandons them. Right there should be enough to know this isn't a book for 4th graders. The main story is 'Mommy doesn't love you, so she will drop you off at a terrorist camp.'

The spin put on the Panthers is stunning. Not since I've seen World War II Nazi propaganda have I seen something remotely close to how the author spins the Panthers. They go from a historically violent and deadly hate group to a soft and cuddly bunch of 'misunderstood' family members trying to pull together against the 'evil' white society.

Any book that paints murderous thugs as a role model needs not to be on the shelves of a school library. Unfortunately, this one isn't just on the shelves, but it is being forced down the throats of the parents whose families know all too well of how 'peaceful' the Black Panthers were. Once again, the liberal whitewashing of history is being propagated in the guise of education. One can't help but wonder just what's next for the 4th graders? Maybe a book how this guy Oswald was a really misunderstood traitor who just needed a hug.



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