Hillary Clinton has long been a media darling. Since her days in the White House alongside President Bill Clinton, the media players who have told her story have always done so with an eye towards her "meteoric rise" or her "great efficiency and skill."

Unfortunately, for too many media outlets the fact that Hillary Clinton is now the presumptive nominee for a major political party--and the first woman to do so--outshines the dirty truth and the hordes of lies she's told to get to where she currently stands.

CNN was recently caught red-handed for inflating Hillary's accomplishments, but they did it in a unique and tricky way that hasn't been noticed before.

When Clinton gave her victory speech following a massive win in the state of California, CNN was on the scene to cover the event. While TV stations of all political leanings cut and paste clips and sound-bytes, that wasn't the problem on Tuesday night. The problem was that CNN deliberately employed a filming tactic that made Hillary Clinton appear as "a glowing god."

After she announced that she is the first woman to be a presumptive nominee for a major party, Clinton spread her arms wide and basked in the applause and cheers from the crowd. In the unaltered footage that has been leaked, the moment is impressive, but it's nothing like the what CNN made it appear.

Using video filters that focused on the long-sleeved, white shirt Clinton was wearing during the speech, CNN tweaked the color of the footage and made it appear that Clinton was highlighted in a subtle golden glow.

Though the difference wouldn't be noticeable unless you were looking for it, the subliminal message  CNN is trying to pawn off on its viewers is ridiculous. Hillary Clinton, a glowing god? She's the farthest thing from that, and we need to hold CNN and other news organizations accountable for the demagoguery they're trying to pawn off on American viewers.

h/t: Newsbusters

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