When then Senator Barack Obama spoke of “transforming America”, little did we realize exactly want he truly meant. To most thinking Americans the privilege of being able to vote is a serious and sacred covenant individually executed and exchanged between government and the people, a contract between a “citizen” and those elected officials based on “trust” and “good faith” that those who’ve sworn an oath to “defend and protect” based on the principles set forth within our Constitution simply execute the law, in exchange for our vote.

Is that simple promise to much to ask for? Apparently it is, and that sacred covenant between government and the people seems to no longer exist, as the number of noncitizens voting is on the rise and the question that begs to be asked is whether those within the administration have once again sold the American people down the drain and actually support illegal voting, so long as it supports their progressive agenda?  And while the exact number of noncitizens (illegal aliens) is difficult to estimate because of the bureaucratic “red tape” that seems more contrived in pursuing that political agenda

Yet evidence of noncitizen voting mounts. The American Civil Rights Union just filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court documenting one example after another of noncitizens registering and voting. It urges the Court to take up a petition for certiorari filed by Kansas and Arizona seeking to overturn a bad decision on this issue by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Last February, Hans A. von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation spoke before a House committee and provided examples of illegal voting. And yet none of the perpetrators were prosecuted by Obama’s Justice Department. The examples provided by von Spakovsky are now before the Supreme Court in the briefs filed.

With the federal government inaction increasing, Kansas and Arizona resolved to implement their own citizenship safeguards, something the Constitution allows them to do. However one little-known federal agency is blocking their citizenship verification efforts, and they have to ask the Supreme Court for help.


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