Two guys decided it would be fun to enter a gender-neutral restroom. A restroom that has showers it seems. These boys did the peeping-tom thing and started taking pictures of women in the showers.

The article indicates they were attempting to get pictures of trans-gendered women, but really, how many trans-people are out there, as opposed to how many of us are now stuck with the androgynous bathroom situation?

A situation reflective of society’s epic fail when it comes to the basics of nature-calling and who, with what anatomy, uses which type of bathroom. Such was the case here at the University of Toronto, who by the way closed the restroom, but only temporarily, and left other such facilities open for use.

Let’s think about this for a minute, but first, recognize that this is not some gender-confused femi-nazi male-bashing session. It is however, meant to be in-keeping with the incidents above and the realities of planet earth.

Imagine, if you will, that you are a virile young college man who lives a carefree lifestyle on campus. You have now been informed by the whole of society that if you feel like identifying as a woman, you can use  a gender-neutral bathroom.

Or, better yet, since the facility is now neutral, you don’t have to identify as anything other than a man. It's just a given that you, at this stage of your life, want a peek of a hot, young, college girl…naked…in the shower.

Who did not see this coming? Who did not sit there and chuckle about when and how many “confused,” “boy-lesbians” (double-entendre), or guys “identifying” as women were going to appear out of the woodwork?

This is nothing more than the new “system” being gamed. Get used to it, and watch where you shower ladies.

Source: mrcTV


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