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If I were a student at the University of North Carolina, my first instinct after reading this ridicules guide would be to immediately reference the authors and fact check their backgrounds, to get a clearer understanding as to what motivates someone to write trash like this and worst yet why it’s funded by the tax payer.

This latest exercise in absurdity is titled “Career corner: Understanding microaggressions” which no doubt after reading this guide may actually become the focal point for ones aggression towards the author of this silly piece, in which it tells students that Christmas vacations and telling a woman “I love your shoes!” are forms of “microagressions.”

The guide is a composite of innocuous words and events that progressives apparently find offensive, and have decided to publish the UNC Chapel guide to once again socially engineer human behavior, and of course change the discourse of traditional concepts and principles by attempting to interject a nefarious meaning to such things as referencing a Christmas vacation, which in the addled mind of the author promotes “the Christian faith” and diminish “non-Christian spiritual rituals and observances.”

However what seems truly bizarre is the author’s fascination or perhaps a more accurate definition would be his fetish with shoes, especially if someone says get this, “I love your shoes!, to a woman in leadership during a Q & A after a speech” which apparently is specific to microagression.

The guide explains further is that the individual admiring the shoe values the appearance of the person “more than intellectual contributions.”

Golf outings are also targeted and apparently a taboo in the wonderful and wacky environment of the self aggrandized world of the loony left, which suggests that “staff retreats at the country club” or even just “a round of golf” “assumes employees have the financial resources” to participate in the “fairly expensive and inaccessible sport,” thus another form of microagression.

With all due respect to whoever put this thing together, this sounds more like someone’s personal diary of a lonely and apparently rejected individual, attempting to get even.

UPDATE: The University of North Carolina has removed the microagressions list and now can only be accessed with a University login.





Source: Campus Reform, UNC Hides Docs

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