Once upon a time in America colleges and universities were places of genuine higher learning that allowed open debate and freedom of expression.

Today, they are little more than Marxist indoctrination centers and powder kegs of racial discord and social unrest.

Two years ago, the University of Missouri decided to pander to Black Lives Matter following alleged incidents of racism and other nonsense.

Mizzou is now paying the price.

According to Heat Street, the number of incoming freshman in the fall of 2016 was 4,009 -- an eye-popping 35-percent drop in enrollment during a span of two years.

"This is the second year in a row that Mizzou has seen its freshman class decline, a drop directly linked to the raucous Fall 2015 protests, which contributed to the resignation of both the university’s president and its chancellor," Heat Street reported. "The raucous protests — which were sparked by various incident of alleged racism, racist graffiti and 'hate crimes' on campus — were enormously damaging to the university’s reputation, scaring away prospective students in droves."

Was it the alleged "racism" that scared away these prospective recruits, or was it naked fear of falling victim to physical violence at the hands of BLM militants?

Whatever the case may be, seven residence halls are now "offline," a nice way of saying closed, due to the declining enrollment.

In the meantime, public contributions to the university's athletics department have dried up by 72 percent, Heat Street added.

Such is the sorry fate of Mizzou and other American campuses, which seem almost destined to become physical battlegrounds or bona fide ghost towns.

Institutions of higher learning used to be regarded as havens of "pluralism," but the true face of multiculturalism is something entirely different, where the color of your skin is literally your uniform.

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Source: Daily Wire

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