Sean Collins, one of the faces of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), as an on-the-ground Organizer, aka “agitator”, for the Local 200 in Albany, New York, has stepped in it.

Hopefully to his detriment as a representative of his organization, for his intimations of hatred directed at state police officers, and mayoral candidate, Rodney Whiltshire.

This all started when thug, Thaddeus Faison, decided to commit an armed-carjacking. Officers Joshua Comitale and Chad Klein, in response to the emergency, ended up exchanging fire with the filth, Faison. The thug, Faison died, eventually, and each officer was wounded in the exchange.

Rodney Whiltshire, Democrat candidate for the Mayor of Troy, expressed his care and concern for the officers via Twitter;

“Please say prayers for our officers who were just shot in the line of duty.”

For whatever un-godly and moronic reason, this did not sit well with Collins. He had this expletive-via-acronym statement, in ALL CAPS so it speaks to his intelligence on a whole other level;


 It’s a wonder he didn’t bold-face type it too.

Also of interest, as pointed out in the linked story, is that Collins’ union is an endorser of Wiltshire.  What does Collins’ have to say for himself amid the backlash? While not in all caps this time, here it is:

“While the reactionaries vie for who loves the cops the most, my thoughts lie with Thaddeus’ family – he is more than the sum of his mistakes.”

Yep. You are correct, Sean. He is exactly that. A body-bagged sum of thug-mentality broken parts. Too bad for him.

Many prayers to the officers, Mr. Whiltshire, and yes to Faison’s family because they must be absolutely horrified and devastated to know their boy turned out to be such a scourge on society.

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