A strange object found in the water at a beach in Rhode Island is causing a stir as the object cannot be identified.

Despite attempts by the Navy, area fisherman, a local wind farm and University of Rhode Island Oceanographers to figure out what this object is nobody has a clue.

"We took a closer look at it and we realized this thing doesn't belong here and we wanted to figure out what it was,” said Peter Brockmann who is president of the East Beach Association to NBC 10 News.

Another beachgoer, Marshall Ruben, attempted to pull the strange object up.

"Oh, I couldn't even begin to budge it. Not even a little bit,” Ruben said. “And you can't tell how deep it goes, either."


There are plans to bring in powerful equipment to try and pull the object up.

"We have about a five-ton winch. We're hoping that we wrap it up and it comes out easy." said Rocky Harkness who owns the winch.

"It's a man-made object,” Brockmann said. “It looks to be stainless steel and some parts look like they're encased in concrete."

“It's got eight or nine legs coming down,” he said. “It's got a ring that's buried in the sand. It's part of a dome of something."

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