Joe Biden recently landed in Serbia, a country that has never been a big fan of former president Bill Clinton. Biden was not expecting the sort of reception that he received by the massive crowd of major Serbian Trump supporters.

Mad World News has more:

Joe Biden landed in Serbia today. While visiting the European country, which is not fond of former President Bill Clinton, he was met with a nasty surprise that left the vice president pretty pissed off. He won’t soon forget what happened when he was greeted by supercharged Donald Trump supporters far from America.

As Joe Biden was landing in Serbia, supercharged Trump supporters lined the streets waiting for his arrival. Part of the nationalist conservative movement in Serbia, this large group protested Biden with Donald Trump t-shirts, signs, and even bullhorns, which they used to yell, “Joseph Biden is a villain who supported the bombings of Yugoslavia in 1999!”

Trump supporters numbered in the thousands in Serbia, which is kind of ironic considering Hillary Clinton’s rallies have had such low turnouts right here in the US. The march stopped at a podium where the leader of the Serbian Radical Movement, which is dedicated to keeping Serbia independent and free of outside influence – much like Trump’s movement, spoke out:

CNN had this to say:

“Trump is the alternative to globalization,” a leader of the group, Vojislav Seselj, told the Reuters news agency. “He will destroy old centers of power in the United States, and he’s a supporter of Russia, because he wants an agreement with Russia. These are the reasons the radicals are supporting Trump.”

These Serbians remember the civil war in which they fought the Muslim Bosnians who raped and tortured civilians. Sadly, President Bill Clinton took the side of the Muslims. Historian Christopher Green points out:

“Muslim troops raped, disembowelled, beheaded and roasted alive their victims. Curiously, all of these atrocities were ignored by the Western media who had singled out the Serbs as being the aggressors from the very start of the war.”

Biden was pissed as he drove through Belgrade, and as usual, the mainstream media lied and said the protesters only numbered a dozen. They also lied as they tried to paint the protesters as people who supported genocide when it was the Muslim hordes who were committing horrendous war crimes against the orthodox Christians.

Trump has rallies which are packed to the brim with over 20,000 to 30,000 supporters while Hillary’s rallies are camouflaged by the liberal media due to the low turnout. Now, we see thousands in Europe supporting a US presidential candidate. It makes you wonder what are the real poll numbers?

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