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With the obvious threat of Islamic terrorism around the world Switzerland is following the lead of Bavaria, Hungary, France and Italy, in cracking down on Muslims, in this instance the Swiss are banning the wearing of the traditional “burga”.

The town of Ticino in Switzerland approved a referendum to ban “burqas”, after the Swiss parliament decided a ban would not “violate the country’s federal law.”

Women could receive a fine up to £6,500 ($9,828.84) if caught wearing a burqa, which covers their entire body from head to foot.

And while some may argue that it’s an infringement on one religious belief, in truth it’s a monumental security risk in allowing “anyone” to be covered in this manner, and also “masked”.

“Those who want to integrate are welcome irrespective of their religion,” explained Giorgio Ghiringhelli, who wrote the proposal. “But those who rebuff our values and aim to build a parallel society based on religious laws, and want to place it over our society, are not welcome.”

It would seem more than reasonable in light of the carnage in Paris, that a civil society has an obligation, and a duty to protect its citizens against a perverse ideology that actually targets the innocent.

The local government also wanted to ban masks, but the members of parliament decided to limit the law to burqas “to avoid putting that on the same level as hooligans and masked demonstrators.” However, tourists are not exempt from the law.

Source: Breitbart

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