We often here the phrase “you get the government you deserve!” And no doubt that should be a question asked by every hard-working wage earning individual, of their government, regardless of where they happen to live.

In that this woman is the end product of the “welfare state” gone adrift with an incompetent and corrupt political system that has allowed this kind of abuse for decades.

This woman has not worked since she was 19-years old and has received state benefits, because her disability claim is that she’s “FAT” and she now wants additional welfare benefits to fund her “wedding” with all the trimmings, including a honeymoon to Mexico, all on the tax payer’s dime!


According to The Daily Mail, UK resident Anna Broom, 33, has received $150,000 during her 14 years as a government benefits recipient.

Now, she’s reportedly asking for an extra $15,000 to fund her dream fairy tale wedding at an English castle.

Broom especially wants a designer dress, horse and carriage and champagne for her 50 guests, and an additional $3-grand for a honeymoon.

At the age of 16, Broom reportedly dropped out of high school. After applying to several different jobs and having no luck, she is said to have lost interest in job hunting and resorted to binge-eating.

Within one year, Broom weighed 238 pounds and was declared unfit to work after suffering from depression and back problems…in short you get the government you deserve!

h/t: America News



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