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If you think you live in the United States of America, pay your taxes to the U.S. Department of Revenue, served or know those who do in the United States Army, bank at Federally Insured institutions, if you use US stamps, vote in US elections, register your vehicle with license plates issued by one of the fifty states… you may be wrong.

Watching the video footage shot during the recent riot outside a Trump rally in San Jose, California could convince you that you are mistaken – especially if you believe the First Amendment of U.S. Constitution has a place in today’s America.

That amendment was considered so essential to the very premise of the new nation that the ratification of the Constitution by the 13 states was uncertain without its inclusion in the Bill of Rights.

Now, 168 years after the establishment of the border between the U.S. and Mexico with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and payment of $15 million to Mexico in 1848, the line is considered meaningless by some who wave the Mexican flags and hold signs declaring: “This is Mexico” and “Make California Mexico Again.”

These are the same angry, young men who cover their faces with bandanas, chase innocent people down like prey, sucker punch elderly citizens, or corner a woman to pelt her with the eggs, rotten fruit, and bottles they have brought to a demonstration against a political opponent.

San Jose Chief of Police, Andy Garcia, said he didn’t have sufficient numbers to stop the assaults, the intimidation and the violence, including attacks on police cars, while Mayor Sam Liccardo denies the police “stood down,” and blames Republican candidate Donald Trump for stirring up controversy.

The mainstream media, unsurprisingly, edited much of the footage to show Trump rallies as dangerous, violent gatherings in its effort to protect the candidacy of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

You’d have to search online to find it, but the U.S. Herald has it here for you to judge for yourself.

Source: Live Leak


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