Only the liberal press could turn free speech on social media into an anti-Trump screed, calling legitimate criticism of an undocumented immigrant “racist,” while ignoring the real issue at the heart of the matter

In an act of unbelievable arrogance, a Texas high school student went on Twitter to brag about her grades, awards, looks and, in an astonishingly brash and tone deaf finalé, her immigration status, boasting that she is “undocumented.”

Undocumented is P.C. for “illegal alien.”


Mayte Lara Ibarra is the valedictorian from Crockett High School in Austin, Texas and her grade point average of 4.5 would indicate that she is intelligent, but it may be that she is “book smart and world dumb,” as the old saying goes, because while her academic performance won her a “full-ride” scholarship, her judgment leaves a lot to be desired.

The full-of-herself teen tweeted: “Valedictorian, 4.5GPA, full tuition paid for at UT, 13 cords/medals, nice legs, oh and I’m undocumented.”

Not unsurprisingly, the tweet went viral – and the responses were not exactly from fans, especially those from fellow graduates who objected to limited scholarships to the University of Texas being awarded to a student who was flaunting her illegal status at others who were forced to pay for their education at the state school themselves.

One tweeted: “I did it legally, nobody should get a short cut” while another referred to the oft-repeated phrase used by Democrat politicians to gain sympathy for illegal immigrants, “Not exactly “living in the shadows” is she? We're a nation of laws. I abide by them and so should she.”

And despite her obvious pride in her illegal status, Ibarra decided she didn’t like the reaction, if it wasn’t fawning.

“I want all this attention from strangers to stop already,” Ibarra wrote, apparently surprised that anyone would find her tweet objectionable, and changed her Twitter account.

Of course, instead of reporting the facts, mainstream media is portraying her as a victim who was “forced to disappear from social media” by “pro-Trump trolls.”

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