Tard. That is what we should be calling Ms. Liz Mair, political consultant working for the Make America Awesome Super-Pac. Not to be confused with Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign.

The former is being tied to the nobody-gives-a-c*** pictures of Melania Trump. Nobody with half a brain anyway. It turns out that those pics are supposedly affiliated with Ms. Mair and by default, courtesy of libtard/conservitard media reasoning, GOP presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina’s “Carly for America” campaign.

How do Mair and Fiorina come into the picture? A picture already muddied by the National Enquirer, Roger Stone, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio?

Well, it’s looking like the Make America Awesome Super-Pac released the pics of Melania and supposedly ran the Utah smear-ad. They idiotically followed it up with, “If you would like to donate by mail, send checks to: Make America Awesome, PO Box 26141, Alexandria, VA 22313.”

That would be the street mailing address for the official, but defunct, “Carly For America,” Fiorina campaign. Why the Pac was still running ads is a bit baffling. Likewise, pinning this on Carly Fiorina is blatantly disingenuous stupidity as she, like Cruz, cannot legally speak to the work of a Super-Pac.

Thus, one cannot tie Cruz or supporter Fiorina, to this idiocy, as neither have anything to do with the “brilliance” of the INDEPENDENT, UNAFFILIATED Super Pacs!

This whole Melania pics thing is out of control. Cruz was blamed by Trump for the pics of his wife. Cruz is now accused of cheating on his own wife.

Rubio has been blamed for that. Fiorina is now being blamed for the Melania thing. The National Enquirer is all of a sudden the reliable media source.

This campaign is becoming a nightmare clown circus and November cannot come soon enough.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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