“Ignorance is bliss”, is a phrase first coined in a poem in 1742, by Thomas Gray, and its meaning reflects ones attitude in not confronting facts, but rather to exist in “blissful ignorance” until one has no recourse but to finally confront the inevitable.

And sadly Europe is now confronting the inevitable, as thousands upon thousands of Muslim refugees, swarm across the continent like locust, destroying everything within their path.

The ensuing crisis and chaos of millions of Muslims fleeing the Middle East, has now put Christians in peril who are now quickly becoming a minority class in their own country.

A few weeks ago Germany “blissfully” announced it would take in 500,000 refugees, they now regret that decision. Obviously common sense would dictate that an influx of ½ million people, at a projected annual cost of approximately $40,000 per refugee, is unsustainable.

And no matter how well-meaning this influx would strain any infrastructure, add to that a fundamental cultural divide, of European ideals and Islamic teachings, and you have chaos being inflicted within a sea of urban blithe, reminiscent of the third world.

However rather than being grateful for the humanitarian effort, many refugees are complaining about the accommodations.

In this video one Muslim complains that “breakfast is small, lunch small,” while another one whines about feeling “bored” in his camp. You can just eat, sleep, use the slow internet, it’s so bad,” he lamented.  Indeed “Ignorance is bliss.”

Source: Mr. Conservative


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