This Little Bird is telling the whole world a secret. She is an out and proud baby momma sponging off of her clearly retarded parents and traveling the world on the dimes of others.

Bird lives at home where here parents, the retarded people, pay for her every need. Since those “needs” are being met, the British government, for whatever reason, feels obligated to bestow the equivalent of $1,300.00 a month on Big Bird and fledgling.

Momma Bird has informed Daddy Bird he does not need to contribute because her nest is feathered enough and she “doesn’t need it.”

What she needs is a break! Breaks come in the form of tax-payer funded journeys around the world to places most people only ever dream of going; Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Athens, Sri Lanka, and Dubai.

Scratch that last one. Why a single white woman, obviously loose in the sheet so to speak, would venture to a country where she and her baby could be murdered for her “Western Ways” is beyond imaginable.

Britain places no restrictions it seems on how welfare is spent. So here is Lazy Bird’s manner of taking care of business.

“I started booking flights and accommodation in Europe in October and was booking something with every payment until a few days before I went,” How delightful.

“Once it’s in my bank account it’s up to me how I use it and I decided to spend it on taking the trip of a lifetime.”

Is she incapable of work? No. Does the thought of work elude her? No. In her words, “If someone’s offering you free money and telling you to take it, you’d have to be a foot not to—that’s all I did.” Let’s face it.

She is 100% correct.  “I don’t need the money as such and I didn’t need to go travelling either but I wanted to so I did.”

In defense of herself, she claims she is not lazy. “I’m not your regular single mum on benefits who spends it all in McDonald’s and never leaves the town they were born in.”

She is leading by example! “I’m changing the image of what it is to be a benefits mum and proving that if you do it the right way, you can have anything you want.”

If you disagree…you are just jealous.

Source: Mad World News



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