Success by any other name is not the same. Particularly with respect to our “War on Terror”, or rather Obama’s War on…well, nothing really. Instead of running in fear from the mighty US of A, raising the white flag of surrender and begging for mercy like those they slaughter, ISIS decides to go the hospitality route. Seriously. This is not in jest. ISIS is renovating the Hotel Al Waritsin in Mosul.

Relief sculpture is being repaired, alcoves  painted, lush gardens are being planted, hedges trimmed, trees shaped, and a full-fledged interior remodel is underway. Guests appear to be checking in to enjoy the accommodations.

American lives have been lost, Christians crucified, un-armed civilians slaughtered, while the President golfs, blows-off the Benghazi investigation, tells us how bad the Crusades were, and panders to Iran. This is what the Administration’s skilled foreign policy has reaped.

One has to wonder what the amenities and recreational activities include. Does one get to purchase a buy-one-get-two beheading? Or perhaps a gang-rape festival. Or maybe, a honeymoon whereby the child-bride of 11 or 12 cringes in fear and nightmarish anticipation. Bonfire, anyone?

Reminds one that while you can check-out anytime you like, you can never leave…

Here are images of the hotel that ISIS is now running under its authority:







h/t: Live Leak

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