It would seem that rather than the UN demanding the U.S. pay reparations for slavery that perhaps they should first focus on cleaning their own house of the countless documented atrocities being committed by those blue capped mercenaries, under the guise of “peacekeepers.”

However that didn't stop this phony international organization from once again taking a swipe at America’s checkered past and the issue of slavery, however unlike other countries who also incorporated slavery, America is one of the few that has addressed the issue with aggressive government policies, under the banner of “Affirmative Action,” beginning with the “Civil Rights Act of 1964, followed by the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

However the panel, composed of UN human rights activists, has identified slavery as the root cause of the plight of African-Americans today.

Speaking at a public press conference, Mireille Fanon Mendes-France, the chairwoman of the working group drew parallels between the police killings in the United States and racist lynchings that occurred in the South until the civil rights era.

"Contemporary police killings and the trauma it creates are reminiscent of the racial terror lynching’s in the past," Mendes-France told reporters.

Ironically while these so-called human rights activists were targeting a bygone issue of the past, while ignoring UN atrocities being committed now!

Just recently three members of a now-disbanded elite UN Canadian paratroop regiment were charged in the beating death of a 16-year-old Somali boy named Shidane Arone; the three "peacekeepers" had been photographed smiling beside the bloody corpse of the boy, whose hands had been bound.

This is just one of the countless atrocities being committed under the guise of “ UN peacekeepers.”

Moreover, while the UN publicly targets America’s role with slavery, it conveniently ignores Portuguese America (modern Brazil), The Spanish Empire, The French Empire, The British Empire, Dutch West Indies, Danish West Indies, and of course the East African slave trade going north up the coast to Arabia/Middle East. Several large towns there (e.g. Zanzibar in modern Tanzania) were big slaving ports.

Source: Voice Online

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