Memorial Day is the one day of the year set aside to specifically honor those who died in the service of their country – what Abraham Lincoln called, “The last true measure devotion.”

But this year, when the American president chose not to lay a wreath at Arlington or the other cemeteries honoring U.S. servicemen and women, but instead paid homage to those who fired upon, bombed, captured, tortured, and killed Americans, the sacrifice made by so many has been debased.

The deliberate acts of destruction and disrespect were made by those whose very freedom to act was paid for by the blood of those who served.

Cowards struck across the country in Alabama, Kentucky, and Virginia removing and destroying American flags from graves, pulling up flowers, and trashing the grounds.

At the veterans’ memorial in Aniston, Alabama, small flags placed to mark Memorial Day were ripped from graves, their wooden staffs broken, and the remnants in a pile.

Ken Rollins, a representative of the Alabama Board of Veterans’ Affairs told local reporters the vandalism disgusted him.

“This is hallowed ground to me, it always been. Shame on them, whoever they are.”

Police were investigating the vandalism, but that was little solace to Rollins, who remained believed the flags would be replaced.

“Memorial Day, I think you’re probably going to see more flags than you ever saw… people are going to bring them with them,” Rollins said.

In Los Angeles, a memorial to men who served in the Vietnam War was defaced by graffiti and a Civil War cemetery in Virginia was also targeted.

Perhaps the most cruel act of senseless desecration was by the nameless, faceless coward who ripped purple sage flowers in the shape of a purple heart, the military decoration awarded to soldiers wounded or killed in battle.

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