French military patrol near the Eiffel Tower the day after a series of deadly attacks in Paris

One would imagine that the initial reaction by most mainstream Americans after witnessing on social media and within the news that there must be a coordinated effort by the loony left to stop freedom of speech, especially on college campuses, those bastions of enlightened wisdom, where “free speech zones” are now the only acceptable places where students can “freely” express themselves all under the watchful eye of a monitor, however put your toe across that imaginary line and you’re in hostile territory, where what you say may get you in trouble.

So why should the carnage that took place in Paris be any different to these loons? In truth there is no coordinated effort, only loons doing what they do best divide and never miss an opportunity to push their agenda, and it makes little difference whether the loons are on a college campus creating a bogus racial incident, or in this instance an article in Salon Magazine suggesting that free speech by American conservatives against “progressives” is the root cause of what took place in Paris and writing; “Real terrorists have killed people in the streets of Paris.

The right-wing media needs to take note of that fact and moderate their rhetoric and abusive language accordingly.”

And yet if one simply considers some of the coined phrases the loony left has created and uses in demeaning mainstream Americans such as;  homophobe, sexist, Islamophobia, bigot, hate speech, and of course the catch-all phrase “racist”.

The callousness displayed by Salon didn't go completely unnoticed as this tweet shows:

Perhaps Salon Magazine should consider looking a bit closer to home, when it comes to “incendiary rhetoric.”

Source: Breitbart



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