It would seem like a “no-brainer” to actually require those individuals getting government welfare checks, to be free of drugs. After all those “government checks” in reality belongs to hard-working, tax paying individuals, in short it’s not the government's money, although you’d never know it, and that’s the rub.

And so when the state of Wisconsin actually does with the “people’s money” what every state should do, that’s “regrettably” news.

Wisconsin is gearing up to pass a law that will require welfare recipients to pass drug tests before obtaining benefits.

Presidential candidate, Governor Scott Walker endorsing the plan in the beginning of September and referencing drug testing said; “Individuals seeking public assistance benefits in work-based programs are better prepared and qualified to work.”

Obviously while we should all applaud Walker’s drug testing plan, however this is something long overdue and should have been enacted in all 50-states, years ago.

Most working Americans, who work within the private sector or have sought employment more likely than not, have been drug screened.

Of course progressives as usual are claiming discrimination, to Walker’s plan, in fact to demonstrate how vile progressives can be in their discourse, take Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore’s comments, that the law is “tightening the noose, literally, around African-Americans!”

Just imagine for a moment if a conservative had uttered those words, however what is truly deplorable is how this low life politician actually verbally abuses and stereotypes African-Americans, to serve their own political needs.

Source: American News



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