In the world of the Obama administration, we don’t know what the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps “intended” when one of its boats rushed toward a U.S. Navy patrol craft at a high speed, ignoring multiple warnings given according to maritime protocol, including the firing of flares and a radio conversation with the Iranian crew.

Although State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau provided laughable lukewarm reassurance that we don’t know Iran’s intentions, it wouldn’t necessarily take a military genius to recognize that it’s a pretty good guess they aren’t inviting you to a pick-up game of “horse.”

In fact, the Iranians created such a dangerous situation, coming within 300 yards of the U.S. guided-missile destroyer as it transited international waters near the Strait of Hormuz, that the U.S. Navy commander made a decision about the IRGC’s intentions and took defensive measures, ordering the firing of three warning shots at the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps boat after deciding that he wasn’t going to wait to figure out their intent.

It was determined that the IRGC was harassing the patrol craft and acting in a “dangerous and unprofessional” manner according to accepted maritime standards.

The incident was just the interaction between Iranian and U.S. vessels over the past year that experts claim that the intentions are obvious.

Despite last year’s nuclear deal with longtime foe, Iran, the U.S. has not only not seen any softening in relations with the hardline Muslim theocratic government of Iran, in fact, there has been an increase in provocative moves by the IRGC most likely intended to generate a military response by the U.S.

By poking a stick at the U.S. by teasing Navy vessels, firing rockets near American aircraft carriers, and even capturing and holding sailors, the IRGC is able to demonstrate its power over a weak U.S.

As an added benefit, Iran may well be hoping to provoke U.S. Navy personnel into firing first and thus justify at attack on an American vessel with all the valuable publicity such an international incident would engender.

Last year, President Obama did his best to sell the stunningly one-sided nuclear “deal” with Iran to the American people as a significant and necessary move toward peace.

The story was that the hard line powers in Tehran wanted the same thing we do – a nuclear-free future.

We now know that, like so many Obama stories, was a lie.

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