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It might have been a good idea if Farmville Central High School, paid more attention to one former Vice Presidential candidate when she offered this piece of advice about her children…"They're my kids. The mama grizzly bear in me comes out; makes me want to rear up on my hind legs and say, 'Wait a minute.'

In short don’t mess with moms, especially Southern Christian moms or their children.

The dust-up began last December of 2014, when there was an apparent effort to bring Islam into the curriculum disguised as a language/vocabulary quiz, with assigned words.

The sentences all had to do with Mohammad and Allah.

And when Dianne Lynne Savage saw the quiz that her child brought home from her Farmville Central High School English Class, that’s when her “mama grizzly” bear, came out.

Savage, a North Carolina parent, was shocked to discover that her child’s school was forcing the teachings of Islam on their students.

As a Christian parent, she was quick to voice her concerns, and shared them publicly on social media.

“They are indoctrinating our children…again,” Savage says. “When was the last time you saw your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter come home from public school with a lesson—a curriculum lesson built around God? Around Jesus Christ? Around Buddha? When’s the last time? Thought this wasn’t allowed.”

Of course it’s not, our Constitution and this Republic makes it clear, the separation between government and religion…however what we’re witnessing is an effort by the media, my academia, and by the political left to “transform America!”

Source: American News



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