If you live in Kent School District, Washington, you might be interested to know that hot dogs are no longer on the menu. Goat might be, but not anything pork related. Your kids are being served Halal compliant meals, in accordance with the Sharia so as not to offend baby-mullah and baby-burka?

All of you parents unfortunate enough to have your children incarcerated in Kent School District should know that you have a brave soul among you and he needs your back-up.

Parent, Dave Brabo, contacted the school regarding their new Islamic-compliant menu only to be told by the district that they are being forced to do this by the federal and state governments. If they don’t, “accommodate the Muslim dietary needs that their federal and state funding would be cut or pulled.”

Aren’t the lefty loony libs the folks who stand around screaming about separation of church and state? Aren’t the atheists the people who throw tantrums about prayer in school?

Where are they, with their foot-stomping tantrums and toddler-like wailing decrying what is clearly a dictatorial form of religious oppression?

In an effort to ward off Brabo’s attempts at debate, Kent School District decided to pass the buck and blame disabled kids. That’s right, those with mental retardation and/or physical ailments are the reason that Sharia-compliant meals are being served.

Of course, the district forgets the fact that Sharia also mandates that those with such disabilities are executed in other parts of the world! 

Okay, parents of mentally retarded children and the physically handicapped, time to really pull yourselves together and argue for fair and equal treatment under the law. If ever there is a time that your kids are getting the shortest end of any stick out there, it is right now.

Your kids are now the scapeGOAT, for the district because they are afraid of being labeled “IslamoFAUXbic.” They told Brabo to “drop it.”

Your disabled kids are being prostituted for government money. Again, let us not overlook the irony here, since child sex-slave trade is another facet of Sharia! They are sex-slave whoring out your disabled children!!!

Let’s show school districts the real meaning of pulling funding.

EVERYONE, regardless of your child’s mental and physical capacities HOMESCHOOL YOUR KIDS!

Source: Mad World News

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