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Seaman, Midshipman, and any other naval rank with the suffix “man,” will be castrated.

This will be done to make sure there is no gender discrimination.  According to Navy Captain, Lori Manning (ret.), fellow with the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN), she’s “happy to see it.” Female soldiers and sailors see the coming androgynous nomenclature as “symbolic,” but with ‘”very impactful meaning.”

Yep. It means that this is what the desk jockeying pencil pushers at the highest echelons in the Navy are doing with your tax dollars. Even the Sec-Def got in on the action in December when saying women will be able to apply for the Navy SEALs.

America is honored to be blessed by every service member. We don’t care about your gender. We outgrew the boys vs. girls thing back in grammar school.

What is happening now is stupid, it’s juvenile, and very disappointing and depressing to the morale of this nation—male and female alike.

In their quest, SWAN erases the contributions that women in the military have made. When you erase one gender, you erase them all.

The graceful and FEMININE image of a SWAN, is the face of the War on Women. One woman destroying the contributions of all others.

Sadly Manning is okay with. “Losing a bit of history sometimes just has to happen.”

Fine. Then let’s lose this stupid foray into “anything boys can do girls can do better,” in the dusts of time and move on to what’s important, and it isn’t what’s in your pants.


WZ, NY Daily News

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