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A wounded animal is a dangerous animal. After a joint US-Iraqi Forces operation that has liberated the Iraqi city of Fallujah, that is exactly what ISIS has become.

On Wednesday, the US had the single greatest attack against the Islamic State today when a well-timed airstrike eliminated over 250 Daesh fighters.

The strike came as fighters were attempting to retreat from the city of Fallujah, where they had reigned terror against the city's innocent citizens for over a year.

Women were beaten, and murdered for not following ISIS twisted version of Sharia law.

Men were crucified in the middle of the city's square, their bodies left to decay for weeks.

Prisons were converted to torture centers for individuals brave enough to speak up against ISIL's brutal tactics. However thanks in part to US efforts, the people of Fallujah will no longer have to suffer through such hell, and it happened rather easily.

Fallujah was one of the most difficult cities for the US to capture in 2009; however, Iraqi forces encountered little resistance when taking back their city this time around.

Most ISIS fighters either retreated, or were too disorganized to mount a serious resistance.

So as ISIS continues to inspire terror around the world, it is important to remember this is only happening because they are losing ground strategically in their Middle Eastern bases.

The only way to kill a snake is to cut off its head.

Eventually the ISIS capital in Syria must be eliminated, but for now all that is possible is to increase security throughout the world, and remember ISIL is truly beginning to lose this war.

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