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The apparent irony is obvious to everyone, except perhaps to these judges of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. In that they’re virtually surrounded by patriotic symbols, flags, photos, and etched markings and words carved in both marble and stone, and yet they continually rule against the very symbols they’ve sworn under oath to uphold.

“Crazy” doesn’t even come close, as this band of misguided robbed ideologies, once again played politics rather than follow the law and let stand a previous ruling by a three-judge panel of the court that school officials of Live Oak High School can prohibit American students from wearing to school clothing featuring the American flag because of threats made against the American students however threats directed at them by others...once again I repeat "by others!"

By this convoluted ruling the court is actually “legitimizing physical threats” and ‘bodily harm” as a form of intimidation, and by that same stupid ruling has opened a Pandora’s Box of endless complications and trouble.

In that the ruling by the court legally considers threats and intimidation by anyone who’s offended by whatever “anyone is wearing”, has some type of “legal standing”. For example if a Muslim or anyone is offended and makes an anonymous threat, the school is I assume mandated to prohibit that student or perhaps even a teacher from wearing clothing deemed offensive by that  anonymous threat.

The danger of course with this type of legal ruling is that it’s based on nothing more than  a “political progressive ideology” much like the gay marriage ruling. However the slippery slop is when a ‘HARD CORE” Islamic Ideology  comes face to face with that ruling, and how much is the progressive left willing to fight for that ruling?

Forcing either American or Mexican kids to comply with not wearing patriotic clothing at school is one thing, and that’s easy…however attempt those same un-American restrictions on “Hard Core” practicing Muslims from wearing a burka or a hijab, and let’s see how the 9th Circuit deals with that.

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