It’s all good, right? At least that is what Americans are being led to believe when it comes to the War on Terror. Not so, particularly when it comes to Afghanistan. According to US Army General John F.

Campbell, top US commander in Afghanistan, trouble is brewing and President Obama is no stranger to the news. Insurgent violence in Northern Helmand Province and Kunduz is at “a decisive point,” according to Campbell. President Obama “is well aware of the tenuous security situation.”

Campbell, in what can only be described as being diplomatic said this in follow-up;

"And I also appreciate that he has many other global issues to weigh as he considers my recommendations. My role is to provide him my best military advice, based upon my assessment of the conditions on the ground."

Hmmmm. “Other global issues to weigh…” Would those be glacier trips to Alaska, arming Iran with nukes, playing patty-cake with the Pope, or ignoring the plight of Christians being slaughtered by ISIS?

Regardless, Campbell’s role is to ensure operations in Afghanistan go according to plan, the country is secured and able to take care of itself, and including fulfillment of Obama’s mandated troop draw-down from 10,000 to 1,000 based at an embassy. Campbell recognizes this will be a deadly fiasco if the rise of terrorism is not brought into check;

“If we fail in this worthwhile mission, Afghanistan will once again become a sanctuary for al Qaeda and other terrorists bent on attacking our interests and our citizens abroad and at home.”

The Afghan security forces are spread thin, and unable to deal with the insurgence of terrorism flooding the area. Something must be done. Leaving a group of 1,000 at an embassy does not appear to be a viable option.

Even the Afghanistan President Ghani recognizes the frailty of his country’s situation and is asking NATO and the US to keep the coming trouble in mind when it comes to our planning. Meaning, rethink the troop drawdown. As Campbell said, “they [Afghans] still desire, need and deserve our assistance,” and he will be advising Obama accordingly.

Let’s get this figured out quickly and efficiently. Our men, women, and nation are getting war weary. We have other problems to contend with as well-a growing direct threat from ISIS being at the top of the list.

Source: CNS News


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